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M88 (  – Pelatih Jerman Joachim Loew mengetahui peta kekuatan Slowakia jelang laga babak 16 besar Piala Eropa 2016 yang bakal diadakan pada Minggu (26/6). Skuad Three Lion pernah menelan kekalahan dari seterunya itu dalam laga persahabatan pada Mei lalu.

Jerman menelan kekalahan 1-3 dari Slowakia. Kekalahan ini mengakibatkan kepercayaan diri pasukan Der Panzer tergerus, sebagaimana dikutip dari laman m88 taruhan sport . Loew terus belajar dari kekeliruan di masa lalu dengan memperbaiki kekompakan tim secara keseluruhan.  
Loew berharap kepada pasukannya agar berjuang dengan gagah berani dan penuh kepercayaan diri melawan  Slowakia di Lille. Sementara juara bertahan Spanyol dan Italia telah menanti Jerman.
“Kami kalah dari Slowakia pada Mei lalu, karena itu kami tahu penyebabnya,” kata Loew.
Loew menyatakan pasukan Slowakia asuhan pelatih Jan Kozak mengandalkan permainan bertahan. Skema ini yang dihadapi Jerman ketika melawan mereka dan justru membuat Three Lions merasa frustrasi ketika berlaga di Saint Etienne.
“Lawan terus membenahi diri dengan siap menghadapi lawan. Mereka tahu dan siap bertanding dengan tanpa beban,” kata Loew.
Kapten Timnas Jerman Bastian Schweinsteiger siap turun dalam pertandingan melawan Slowakia.
“Basti dalam kondisi siap bertanding. Ia semakin membaik dari hari ke hari,” kata asisten pelatih Timnas Jerman Marcus Sorg.  Penerjemah: m88 online Editor: m88 online
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Where To Start with Photography and More

Setting Up Your Canon EOS 1300D Canon Rebel T6 or 1300D is a very wonderful camera and you need to review its basic set-up procedures so that you can maximize its functionality. The first thing you need to do is to charge its battery. It will take up to four hours and it is advisable to charge it fully to ensure that the battery life will reach long term. At the bottom of your camera, you will notice a door and the battery should fit in one way. When the camera is on its back, make sure that the Canon logo faces upwards. You need to check the package that you bought if it includes a memory card. Sandisk memory card is the most widely used memory card – get one. These cards are recommended since they offer a lifetime guarantee. Keep in mind to store your photos or videos on something that is more secure like an external drive or a computer. The memory card slot is located next to the battery and it will only fit in one way. Fixing the lens is the next step after placing your battery and memory card. If you bought a standard kit lens which is the 18-55mm EF-SII, then you should notice a small white square on the rim. Remove the cap of the camera and you will see a corresponding white square on it. Align the two items and turn the lens clockwise until it clicks. When you are changing lenses on a digital camera, make sure you keep the camera body facing down – this is to avoid dust getting into the camera itself.
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Changing the settings inside the camera is very important. The option to set time and date will pop up after you turn on the camera for the first time. The values can easily be changed using the cross keys on the back of the camera. After successfully changing the time and date, then you need to go to the menu tabs. Make sure you take advantage of the manual setting of Canon Rebel T6 or Canon EOS 1300D – it’s what most professional photographer use.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Photography
Setting your camera on manual mode will give you more tabs as seen on the LCD screen on the back unlike automatic modes. Don’t forget to set the preferred language as well. There are plenty to choose from, all you need to do is use the cross keys to navigate and change it to the best language for you. Always format your memory card regularly. The reason behind this is that memory card tends to malfunction if it is over-written. The camera warns you in case you pressed the format memory card. There are times when the LCD screen automatically turns off. It turns off because it wants you to save some battery life. You can disable this feature or extend it to 15 minutes, but it is recommended that you extend this to 1 minute.

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The Best Graphic Designs Graphic design is an art in which the use of images is embraced. These images might depict people’s emotions or way of life. In order to point out to some things, words can be added on to the images. Color is normally included in the images and the choice of color depends on the intentions of the designer. People should be capable of easily finding explanations to good graphic designs. The images should be presented to people in such a way that they create enthusiasm in them. Through this; they can be priced highly. There are some traits which people need to consider in their graphic designs. The designer to a good graphic design should be creativity. They should be able to come up with original ideas without copy pasting. Uniqueness is thus given to their images. There should also be life added on to the images created. When making advertisements, this is required most. People are required to have adverts which attract clients. The adverts should as well create an interest in their clients. Passion is also required from the graphic designers. This will enable them work without being easily discouraged. They will be able to work towards the goals they set for their images. As a result of their passion they can find mixes for their images. This will lead to them producing quality work in good time. They will as well keep up to date with the changing trends thus producing designs that meet the current expectations.
News For This Month: Designs
A graphic designer should embrace knowledge. With this, they will learn new ideas which help them improve on their work. This enables them to always have updated work. They also get to learn from other experienced designers. They get a chance to improve this way. The graphic designers should also be willing to take corrections. This enables them to identify their weaknesses. They should not look at the corrections as critics.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Designs
The graphic designers should as well embrace technological changes. They should be able to make good images using the latest type of technology. This makes their work more appealing. They will also be able to present it to a wide range of people. They will get the popularity they desire together with their artwork. As a result they are demanded for more. There is also an assurance of their graphic designs being more successful. The use of graphic design has its roots dated back to ancient history. Through this, people get to embrace art. There is an increased demand for the graphic designers. This is an area which people with a passion should venture into. There is an existing market for their artwork. People cannot ignore this form of art. Appropriate graphic designers can be found from the internet. Through this, they will be able to find qualified graphic designers who can do their work perfectly.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Groups

Find a Music Group for Your Event To have the best venue, having great food and drinks, and famous guest when planning to have a party, might make you think that would be all to make it a success. The most important thing to consider in making an event or party more successful is to have great music, if you find DJs or cd recordings too common, you might opt to hire a live band. To have a live music band in your events is to create a lively atmosphere. Great music will make your event a memorable one as your guests will be lively and ecstatic. There are usually numerous bands that are able to perform in various events, all you have to do is hire them. Events and parties may vary such as weddings, anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, and even corporate or farewell parties. Regardless of the events that you are planning, having a live music band will make your event a success. If you are living in Mexico, or you want to get married in Mexico, and are planning to have a wedding party, you could consider in hiring wedding singer bands or better known as “grupo musicales para bodas”, that will cater the mood of your event. Although you can also consider in hiring genre based bands that sing a specific genre or from a respective musician or group. In events where you need a lively music, you may choose to hire a group that play different varieties of music genre, to really set the mood of your party.
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All events will differ from each other. The quality of the event will greatly depend on how much time you spent in preparing for it. If you want your event to be a memorable one, you should dedicate your time in preparing it.
Why People Think Music Are A Good Idea
You have the full control in selecting the best band for your party. Music bands can either be searched through the internet or yellow pages, you might as well start there to find your music band. If you do find them in the internet, you might as well check for their performances if they have video clips, or check the fan pages and fan reviews which will make deciding much easier on your behalf. Another solution would be to hire a local event management company to make the trouble of searching for you. Be careful though when hiring the band, and perform a thorough interview as they might be an amateur band. The best way to keep your guests happy is to hire a band that is able to spontaneously play the requests of your guests. Finally, one important thing to consider if the venues permits to have a live music band during your events or if there as a need to process a permission.

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4 Steps For A Successful Recording At A Recording Studio Singers or musicians can’t succeed on their own in attaining perfection of their work to final output. From the composition of music to mastering it, the whole process will surely be time consuming but if everything is done right, it’ll all be fruitful. There’s a lot of thing going on recording a song or a piece of music and the inclusion of expertise is what makes it better. While you are recording a song, you might be an amateur in it and get help from professionals who can assist you to master the final outcome. On the other hand, you need to follow some steps in order to get the best of your work while you are recording a song for yourself similar to: Step number 1. Composition – as soon as you enter a recording studio, there is always room for change or improvisation even though you may have written a song already along with musical inputs in them. Making all these changes while recording a song is fine, after all this is what will make your song to go perfect together with music and lyrics.
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Step number 2. People heading the recording – aside from the singers and the musicians who want to record their piece, there are also 4 more people who see to it that the recording procedure is followed in the right manner. It is the mixer, engineer, producer as well as the mastering professional who bring out the final product by monitoring the steps of recording.
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The engineer is what provide the musicians and singers authentic recording instruments, producer heads the process to which the recording is done in line with his/her instructions, mixer is in charge for collating music and song in sync and finally, the mastering professional who is listening to the recording and make sure that it’s perfect. Recording it with time in hand – it is not possible to enter the studio at once and record a song immediately. You have to adjust yourself to the instructions of engineer and equipment before you can start with the recording. The process is going to be time consuming where scratch recordings are made and only then when the final record will be made. And only to make the sound perfect, there can also be times where there is a need to record the music from instruments. Mastering – while the song is recorded at last, it now comes to the stage of mastering it. Mastering is what guarantees that the music gained perfection by removing disturbances and noise, which makes the recording to sound good when listening to it.

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Different Types of Painting Services

Being cost effective, painting is one of the most effective ways to transform a home completely. Those people who choose to paint their homes end up achieving an elegant outlook as they use color to effectively decorate a home. Depending on one’s taste and preference, there are a wide range of color made available from which they can choose. This is where most people get confused as the plenty of choices make it hard for them to choose colors that will blend into their home or choose a specific color to paint on their walls and floors. In order to attain the modern look in their homes, people nowadays are using brilliant painting ideas and colors as well in order to achieve this.

There are various types of paints that one can use on the floors of their homes in order to make them very appealing. A good example of floor paints used by people is the water-based paint also referred to as emulsions. In the olden days, most people used these water-based paints on their interior walls as well as ceilings. Nowadays however, we find that most people use them on their floors as well as they have been greatly improved and advanced. Any type of surface is suitable for this kind of paint whether it is wooden or metallic and they can even be used on exteriors.

Another common paint used by most people is the oil-based paint. These paints are mostly used for those floor surfaces that are tough and durable. Dipping your paint brush in white spirit or turpentine as well will help the paint come off it after you are done with the painting job. The amount of pigments used to make the paint has a high impact on its quality. Paint that contains more pigment is bound to be better in terms of its quality than that with less of it. Due to their durability, high-quality paints provide good coverage for your floors in addition to them being long lasting.
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One should put into consideration all the paints they are willing to choose from. Paints vary according to brand hence one should go for that brand that is recognized by mostly people to be of very high quality. When selecting paints, one should also go for those with good coverage. There are those types of paints which require two coast while others require three of them on your floors. Nowadays, most people prefer to order these paints online as there is a wide variety of them offered. This is especially suitable for those who live on the outskirts of a city where they cannot access the paints easily.
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Every floor surface requires a certain type of paint which is why one should choose the right product. Before committing to a single paint color, one can try out different colors in order to know which pleases them most.

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Saving Business Money Thru Commercial Electrician Services

Electricians work in different settings where in one is called a commercial electrician and the other is called a residential electrician. As the names imply, you would already be easily able to tell the difference between the two kinds. Among the things you will find when it comes to commercial electricians is that they are one of the things that businesses rely on the most because it allows them many benefits. Among the benefits you will be able to find in commercial electrician services is the opportunity to cut down on costs when it comes to utilities.

The bills when it comes to utilities of businesses are lowered because commercial electricians help them make use of lightings that consume less energy. Here are some things you should know if you are running a business and you want to be able to take advantage of the perks that you will be able to get when you make use of the commercial electrician services out there.

Businesses have different natures and depending on the nature of yours, you energy consumption may be higher than most businesses out there especially those that have shorter business hours. Because of this, you will easily find that your bills in your electricity consumption can shoot up easily. There are lighting options out there that will do the job just fine but there will be solutions recommended to you by commercial electricians that will do a better job at a lesser cost.
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Among other things when it comes to businesses is that they need to make use of a lot of light bulbs and the place can easily become hot because of it. When things get too hot in your business establishment, you employees and customers won’t feel comfortable and this is not something that will do good for the business if you don’t turn up the AC which is a big consumer of energy. Keeping things cool requires you to spend a significant amount of money but this is something you need to do because no customer would want to be in a hot establishment. Commercial electricians will be able to give you recommendations on how to use energy efficient lights that will help you keep things cool but will not shoot your utilities up.
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With the help of commercial electricians, your business may even be able to get rebates when it comes to energy bills. Being able to save money is just one of the many benefits that you will be able to get from the services of commercial electricians.

Naturally, when it comes to finding a commercial electrician company that you can rely on is a matter of a different subject. You can find out more about this by checking references over the internet as like blogs and articles and you will find how to best take advantage of the benefits of commercial electrician services.

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Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind When You Work with a Designer for a Trucking Website

There are various coaches that you can find who may tell you that one of the most difficult things that you will be facing when you are one non-techie person in search for a trucking website designer is the task of finding and also developing that great relationship with the web designer. There are several things that you need to remember when you like to find the right website designer and be able to have that excellent working relationship with them.

You must ensure that you discuss the design of the website in English. Just because of the reason that the website designers are specializing in a certain field with their own technical vocabulary, then it doesn’t mean that they cannot talk to you in plain English. When there are some technicalities which are explained by the jargon word, a great designer will describe to you in a very simple term and let you know what the jargon means.

You must realize that the price that you would pay is related to the amount of the preparation that you should do. Many of the coaches don’t have so much budget for building a trucking website. No one would like to be overcharged for something that is not required. Many are very busy working that they are not able to spend some time in developing their website. You must give some time and attention when you don’t have the budget to spend for your website.
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You should not fall to the trap of thinking that the first thing that you must take along with the website is to look for a designer. If you actually spend time to prepare your requirements first, then you will have a better idea on what you should let the web designer know and you can also be sure that you will get the right website that you need for your business.
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Also, you have to be careful of the website design package deals. You need to spend for web design when you are in need of this. It would look obvious but there are several design companies that tend to bundle their website design offer with a maintenance or hosting fee. You need to get a hosting and the website must also be maintained but these elements should not be mixed up with the design part of such deal.

The package deals would involve the design company retaining an ownership on the website. This would go against the interests and for this reason you must be careful when you look for any kind of deal. You have to know about the ongoing maintenance and hosting.

Exciting New Activity Comes To Florida With The Delray Escape


(Delray Beach, FL)— The Delray Escape has announced the official launch of their Escape Room in the community of Delray Beach, Florida. The Delray Escape is a trendy, new, live-action game that is designed to provide fun and exciting entertainment for people of all ages.  Ideal for date nights, birthday parties, family fun, or team-building outings, The Delray Escape team invites visitors and locals to check out their website to book rooms and learn more about the adventures they have in store.

The idea behind The Delray Escape is simple: participants in teams of 2-10 people will be “locked” in a room with 60 minutes on the clock. During that time, everyone will work together to solve puzzles and decode clues that will help them escape the room. Participants can’t use cell phones or lifelines to solve the clues, and must rely solely on each other, so everyone must work together to achieve the goal. Those who are eager to play can book a room at The Delray Escape website.

The Delray Escape is launching their first theme, Area 51 at their location at 900 Linton Boulevard, Suite 201a.  The premise is that participants are a group of journalists who have snuck into the notorious Area 51 test site.  Looking to expose the secret activity occurring at the base, they accidently opened some of the cages containing extraterrestrial lifeforms. The base commander quickly initiates the emergency sequence, and participants have 60 minutes to escape before the base self-destructs. 

James Sylk, owner of The Delray Escape, stated, “We are thrilled to be bringing such an exciting and engaging activity to the Delray Beach area. Now, the residents and tourists of Delray Beach can enjoy entertainment that is truly interactive and exhilarating. The adrenaline rush people get when the clock runs down, as they scramble to finish the last few clues, is one of the best parts. We can’t wait to see how our visitors rise to the challenge of getting out of our escape room before it’s too late.”

The Delray Escape is already hard at work building their next two themes which promise to provide the same exhilarating experience as Area 51.



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Basic Things to Remember When Renting a Musical Instrument Acquiring your own musical instrument is considered to be a necessity if you are planning to enroll in a music class or there is an event in which you will need to play an instrument for. When you talk of securing your own musical instruments, a lot of options are there for you to pick between. You may want to buy, borrow from someone or rent. If you are working on a very limited budget and there is no one among your circle of friends from whom you can borrow the instrument you need, renting is a good option you can take into consideration. If you are open to the idea of renting, then the tips provided in the next few parts of this article can help you to a big extent. Know Your Instrument If you are very familiar with the instrument, it will not be very hard for you to make a choosing among several options. Knowledge and familiarity of the instruments leads you to becoming sensitive of it. It allows you to identify the good instrument from a bad one. Before you even begin the process of finding a rental company, you need to conduct your own research about your instrument. Of course, rental companies want you to rent from them and they may not tell you everything about the instrument. They have the chance of telling you that the instrument has been recently when the truth is it’s more than a couple of years old.
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Go for a Well-Reputed Rental Firm
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Because that there are so many rental companies operating in your place, there is likelihood for you to grow confused in the process. Keep in mind that the store reflects the instrument, so it is very important that you choose the right store. One thing that can tell you that a store is good when it is popular. Of course, it is not that easy to gain the trust of customers but when it is preferred by almost everyone in your community, then it must be something. Pick the Brand Many Musicians Trust If though you are not buying your musical instrument, you still have the right to make a choice on brands. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of brands. The way to choose right is to be informed about the instrument and what is the best brand for it today. If are surrounded with musician friends, you can ask their opinion on what is the best brand for your kind of musical instrument. Even though it does not always happen, going for a branded instrument often provides a better chance of having a wonderful experience with your instrument.